Frequently asked Questions

Registration and verification

For two days, but usually earlier. The notification of confirmation or rejection of verification comes to the email.
Yes, it will pass, it's important for us to see on the photo you with a document confirming the identity on which you should be visible (Full name, date of birth, Photo) and an inscription on CryptoSoul paper. Other data are not required.
Here you can see the privacy policy.
Invite a friend - 15 points (A friend reached 3 level).
The third level is given only with verification, which includes photos from (Full name, date of birth, Photo).
You can pass verification at any time, if there are restrictions, we will inform you about this on the site and social networks.
To avoid multi-accounts and bots, one person = one account.

Listing and WhitePaper

At the moment, applications are submitted to many exchanges, there is not yet a specific exchange, for which we are counting.


It is advantageous for us to make a popular game with high-quality service. The more players - the more token. Investors benefit from investing in projects where crypto currency has an application, it is in our interests to create conditions for this, respectively.
The project can be helped from different sides, from technical, artistic, logical or marketing, write that you are able and what would you like to help the project in the telegram group, , you will be answered by administrators.
Developing a revolutionary project in gaming, we intend to erase the boundary of the economic model between games and reality, as well as create an easy way to spend / use the game currency in the real world. The system is very simple. Play. Win. Earn. For more information, please visit our website or in the Telegram group.
Airdrop - free distribution of tokens. For the performance of tasks in your account, you receive points that after the completion of AirDrop will be transferred to cryptosoul. On our page in Medium you can see detailed instructions.
The group always has the latest news about the project, hot questions about the project and just communication with its participants, if you have any problems or questions about the project, you can write it to the administrators.
You can find out about it in your account.


- For the first places in the rating table
- For daily quests
- Buy in-house currency Crystalls.
Our project does not apply to mining. Mining is a game with the ability to earn real money by obtaining a crypto currency for achievements in the game. After registration, the miner will begin to extract tokens, playing the game, thereby receiving money that can be output to his real wallet.
Battle royale game with MOBA elements.
At the moment there are three ready-made characters, in the future their number will increase.
Each character has a pool of his abilities. In combat, the player is available 3 slots, in which the player can place the abilities found in battle.
First of all the project will be released for the PC (Steam), in the future there will be development on the iOS and Android platforms.
The CryptoSoul game is similar to the battle royale game category, but there are also MOBA elements. Among similar projects it is possible to allocate game Battlerite.
Concepts and artifacts of characters can be viewed in the social networks of the project, as well as in the chat message and on our forums. Follow our news: Telegram, Reddit, Medium, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora.
Play, win, complete tasks to earn tokens, which can be exchanged for real currency.
The success of our game depends on the value of the token, respectively, and the earnings of the company. It is in our interests to make a popular game with quality service.
Will, after the release of the game.
CryptoSoul - multiplayer game. The regime of duels will be added in the future.
The current team does not, the team members individually have experience in other projects.

Currency, points, tokens, wallet and balance

If your points have disappeared, check your personal account and the СryptoSoul account, the points are automatically transferred to СryptoSoul at the end of AirDrop.
On our page in Medium you can see detailed instructions.
Using Metamask
Points are changed to СryptoSoul, after that you can withdraw them.
It is already possible to deduce.
Transfer to your wallet.
Not now. After listing we will make this opportunity. When the token is on the exchange, it will be possible to calculate the commission that will cover the costs of the withdrawal.
There will be 8 Airdrop from June 15 to November 5 (only 200 million tokens). For the execution of tasks, players receive a greater share of the total number of tokens allocated to airdrop.
Can. Participate in AirDrop and various events (hosted by the administration).
At any time you can do it in your personal account.
The number of tokens on airdrop you can see on the site.
The total number of 500 million tokens.