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Platform awarding tokens for completing tasks

1 SOUL = $0.0007

Distributed 2 962 200 SOUL out of 6 672 000 SOUL, 44%

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1 SOUL = 0.000005 ETH

Hard cap 500 ETH


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It is a free-to-play online survival game.

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Top 5 investors

reg*** 1200000.00 SOUL
sig*** 812180.00 SOUL
pun*** 532000.00 SOUL
pon*** 400000.00 SOUL
cry*** 300000.00 SOUL

Alpha test is finished. 3D version in January

119 259
Registered users
2 046
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* updated November 19, 2018

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Big Idea

Transform gaming model from «The player spends» to «The player earns».

big idea

Gaming problems

Problems of existing games

  • The game currency has no value out of the game
  • Difficult and incomprehensible way to make money
  • Games exist on players tab

CryptoSoul Model

  • The game currency has value in the real world
  • An easy way to earn money
  • The game exists due to the demand for a token

How it works

Distribution of available tokens


112.2 mln


100 mln

Crowdsale reserve

25 mln


12.8 mln
  • Ethereum: ERC20
  • Total: 500 mln SOUL
  • Locked: 250 mln SOUL
  • Token price: 0.000005 ETH
  • Presale: 100 mln SOUL
  • Hard cap: 500 - 650 ETH(depends on bonuses)
  • Bonus: +900%
  • Minimal purchase amount: 0.01 ETH

Residents of USA, Singapore, China and Iran are not allowed to participate in CryptoSoul Presale.


November 2017

Game development

April 2018


May 2018

Airdrop campaign

June 2018

Smart Contract publishing

August 2018

WhitePaper release

Q3 - Q4

List of exchanges

January 2019

Game Launcher

March 2019

Token integration

May 2019

Squad mode

July 2019




Thanks for help

Our principles


Paid items do not influence the game balance

Bots protection

The fight against bots by using computational algorithms and the verification system

Valuable currency

Possibility to withdraw game currency and use it in the real world

Simplicity & clarity

Clear game rules and simple system of withdrawal currency


Sergei Zasorin


Nikita Asachev


Andrew Stasiuk


Alexander Barabash


Michael Klochkov

Game Development

Leonid Smirnov

Game Development

Vitaly Novak

Game Development

Yuri Klementiev

Game Development

Victor Kudlai

Game Development

Daria Khil


Polina Puchkova


Yana Andreeva


Artem Vislous


Andrew Havryliuk

Web Development

Dmitriy Matveev

Web Development

Yuri Masalitin

System Administration

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