Gameable. Usable. Burnable.

The token is used inside games, 50% of the tokens used are burned

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Why buy tokens

Gaming trend

Games using crypto - is young trend, which only will have to become popular

Use of token in games

We improve existing games, allowing you to earn valuable currency

Burning of the tokens

We burn from 50% of tokens spent inside the game, which causes a deficiency of currency

How it works

The growing popularity of the game and the burning of 50% of tokens used in the game, provide a shortage of currency

Big Idea

Transform gaming model from «The player spends» to «The player earns».

big idea

Gaming problems

Problems of existing games

  • The game currency has no value out of the game
  • Difficult and incomprehensible way to make money
  • Games exist on players tab

CryptoSoul Model

  • The game currency has value in the real world
  • An easy way to earn money
  • The game exists due to the demand for a token
Buy SOUL token